Human Resource Challenges

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  • Published : May 21, 2012
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Human Resource Challenges
All Human Resources Departments face challenges on a daily basis. Although the body of literature on the role of HR policies is growing steadily, several methodological ambiguities persist concerning the measurement of the contribution of HRM practices to organizational performance (Chenevert & Trembly, 2009). When an HR department can implement the practices they are best at this will help their organization to become stronger. Some things to consider are if these practices will influence the organization. The HRM has to make sure that the internal as well as the external contingencies are known concerning the organization because this will help to link their performance. No matter what problem the HRM faces they must adapt and overcome in order to make sure their department is making all the necessary changes and adjustments to the organization in order to make the organization successful.

Five possible types of contingency literature are: (1) Environmental fit, (2) vertical strategic fit, (3) internal organizational fit, (4) intra-function fir, and (5) intra activity fit (Chenevert & Trembly, 2009). The environmental fit is the contingency among the external environment and the HR functions such as society values. The vertical strategic fit is the contingency among business strategy and the HR function such as differentiation strategy and HRM. The internal organization fit is contingency among organizational development and HR function such as values, and the work organization and HR. The intra-function HR fit is contingency among HR activities such as hiring and compensation (Chenevert & Trembly, 2009). Each of these functions represent a way that the HR department should learn to fit into the organization internal and external. If there is a really good HR department then they are able to motivate the employees to accomplish the missions of the organization by using this type of contingency literature. When you...
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