Human Resource

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Business and Economics

Q Manual
A student guide for producing quality work on time

Nell Kimberley and Glenda Crosling





South Africa





Fifth Edition

Student Q Manual
Nell Kimberley and Glenda Crosling
Faculty of Business and Economics Monash University

First published 1994 Reprinted 1995 Second edition 1997 Reprinted with revisions 1998 Third edition 2005 Fourth edition 2008 Reprinted 2009 Reprinted 2011 Fifth edition 2012 Copyright © Monash University 2012 Published by the Faculty of Business and Economics Monash University Caulfield East Victoria 3145 Australia

Preface and acknowledgements
Chapter 1 Introduction
Monash University Faculty of Business and Economics Faculty expectations of student performance Student assessment

1 1 3 4

Chapter 2

Approaching study
The study “mindset” Academic enquiry, discovery and independence in study Lectures and your learning Tutorials and your learning Reading Time management The assignment process Revision Exams Checklist for studying faculty units and courses

7 8 9 13 14 15 16 17 18 22

Chapter 3

The research process: A basic guide
The research process Using the internet for research

23 28

Chapter 4

Academic writing skills
Characteristics of successful academic writing The assignment process Academic writing style Checklist for academic writing skills

29 30 36 40

Chapter 5

Writing essays
Essay structure Essay writing process Checklist: Does your essay…

42 43 45

Chapter 6

Writing a literature review
The nature of a literature review Procedure for completing a literature review Checklist for a literature review

46 47 49

Chapter 7

Report writing
The assignment preparation process Business report and research report presentation and layout

50 54

Chapter 8

Case study analysis
Types of cases analyses General checklist Key elements of a case report

60 62 63

Chapter 9

Academic integrity and honesty: avoiding plagiarism in written work What is plagiarism? Using references appropriately in your written work Conclusion

64 66 70

Chapter 10

Referencing: APA style
What is referencing? Referencing using the APA style Creating intext citations Creating a reference list Sample reference list in APA style

71 72 72 75 83

Chapter 11

Presentation skills
What is a presentation? Planning the presentation Group presentations Evaluating the presentation

84 84 90 91

Chapter 12

Business law
Primary and secondary sources Note taking Assessment tasks Referencing

92 93 97 99

Appendix A Appendix B Appendix C

Instruction words Reporting verbs Assignment presentation guidelines

102 104 105

Table of figures
Figure 1: Multiple views of a topic or issue Figure 2: Reading techniques Figure 3: Sample Week 5 timetable Figure 4: Assignment process Figure 5: Research jobs Figure 6: Collecting sources Figure 7: Formal and informal register Figure 8: Personalised and objective expression Figure 9: Passive and active construction Figure 10: Common errors to avoid Figure 11: Editing and proofreading Figure 12: Structure and argument Figure 13: Editing and proofreading essays Figure 14: Comparison of annotated bibliography, critical review and literature review Figure 15: Comparison of reports and essays Figure 16: Types of sources Figure 17: Planning a report Figure 18: Comparison of major sections of business reports and research reports Figure 19: Comparison of Executive Summary and Abstract Figure 20: Comparison of Introduction in business report and research report Figure 21: Comparison of Methods section in business report and research report Figure 22: Results/findings Figure 23: Tables and figures Figure 24: Comparison of Discussion/Conclusion in business reports and research reports Figure 25: Recommendations Figure 26: Cornell note taking template Figure...
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