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In order to stay competitive in technology, pricing, and costs with all the new global competition companies are forced to find new markets and new territories. Because of the global market and competition the workplace in the United States is not only a place for Europeans and Americans but is now a place for Africans and Asians. The result is a more accommodative workplace. Policies that ensure practices are fair and not racist have been put in place in most US corporations and help the mutli-racial workforce feel more comfortable with each other. Because US corporations favor punctuality the new policies include things like flexible timing. EMPLOYEE DIVERSITY AND DEMAND ESTIMATION

Estimates of the demand put on the workforce are necessary to help understand how much work is done in each part of the organization. This helps forecast the amount of manpower hours that are necessary for jobs to be completed. The assets related to training and growth should be estimated regularly. This should be done by specialized trainers and helps nurture the abilities of the employees, developing them into more useful professional resources for the organization to use. EMPLOYEE GROWTH

Our company does face to face interviews with potential employees and hire the individuals that have sufficient educational background and positive personalities and communication. One requirement for the interviewee to be hired is that he or she has a positive attitude. Another factor that determines if the interviewee is that he or she has the ability to handle stressful situations. Now he or she must let her shoulders fall down during emergencies. The ability to communicate well and handle problems that are unexpected must be improved in order for the airline’s service to be improved. This idea cannot be applied at most companies because it does not comply with the culture of the employees or organizational requirements. Other...
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