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Topics: Management, Human resource management, Human resources Pages: 2 (646 words) Published: April 10, 2013
“My Course, My Career”
Administration number: 13-0151
Name: Thuvi Janet Kathini
Daystar University

GRA 613 Y: Introduction to graduate studies
Submitted to Larry Ndivo

Department of Language and Performing Arts
School of Communication, Language and Performing Arts
5th April 2013

An academic course is a prescribed number of lectures that is undertaken by a student and a career is the progress and actions taken by a person throughout a lifetime, especially those related to that person's occupation. (Business The course that I am currently undertaking is a Masters of Business Administration in Daystar University. This course for me provides onward movement, progress in my academic status, it also provides personal development but mostly it is very significant to my career in Human Resource Management. Human Resources Management (HRM) is the strategic management of the employees, who individually and collectively contribute to the achievement of the strategic objectives of the organization. (L.Mathis & H.Jackson, 2010) It plays a significant role in clarifying the organization's problems and providing solutions, while making employees working more efficiently. The relationship between a master’s course and a human resource career is linked in business management because it provides deeper understanding and knowledge as an employee in the running of organizational function. A course assists me to take charge of my career and get a clear alignment of the vision they I have for myself. A course cannot be ignored or taken lightly because it supports an individual in the steps they want to undertake in their careers. Undertaking a course is essential for an employee’s career managent. I choose human resources as a career because I love working and dealing with people. A Masters course will assist me in where i want to go and position me in getting the job I want. As a human resource assistant, a master’s course in business administration...
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