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Parle and brittania

As a student of management, apart from theoretical studies we need to get a deeper insight into the practical aspects of those theories by working as a part of organization during our summer training. Training is a period in which a student can apply his theoretical knowledge in practical field. Basically practical knowledge and theoretical knowledge have a very broad difference. So this training has high importance as to know, how both the aspects are applied together. The study of management acquires most crucial position in the business administration. In order to be successful, it is necessary to give priority to the management in an organization. But it can’t be denied that the study of management would be more educational, materialistic and even more interesting, if it is to be paired with the work in organization as an employee. The training session helps to get details about the working process in the organization. It has helped me to know about the organizational management and discipline, which has its own importance. The training is going to be a lifelong experience. Management in India is heading towards a better profession as compared to other professions. The demand for professional managers is increasing day by day. To achieve profession competence, manager ought to be fully occupied with theory and practical exposure of management.

A comprehensive understanding of the principle will increases their decision-making ability and sharpens their tools for this purpose. During the curriculum of management programmers a student has to attain a practical exposure of an organization on live project in addition to his/her theoretical studies. This report is about the practical training done at

PARLE-G PVT LTD´ during the curriculum of PGDHR from IIMT, Greater Noida. Human Resource Management is an approach to the management of people. It is the most important asset an organization has and their effective management is the key to its success. This success is most likely to be achieved if the personnel policies and procedures of the enterprise are closely linked with and make a major contribution to the achievement of corporate objectives and strategic plans. The corporate culture and the values, organizational climate and managerial behaviour that emanate from that culture will exert a major influence on the achievement of excellence. Human Resource Management is concerned with integration getting all members of the organizations involved and working together with a sense of common purpose. Human Resource Management functions have undergone tremendous change over the past years. Many years ago, large organizations looked to the personnel department, mostly to manage the paper work around hiring and paying people. More recently, organizations consider the Human Resource Departments as playing a major role in staffing, training and helping to manage people so that people and the organization are performing at maximum capability in a highly fulfilling manner. The human resource management function includes a variety of activities which include managing the approach to employee benefits and compensation, employees’ records and personnel policies.

As training and development is one of the major functions of Human Resource Department, every organization should give importance for meeting the requirements of ever challenging needs of its employees in nurturing a work-life balance and achieving the corporation’smission  

In todays sea-change world, improving business performance is a journey, not a destination.

A business performance rises and falls with the ebb and flow of human performance. HR  professionals search for ways to enhance the effectiveness of employees in their jobs and prepare them for tomorrow. Organizations and individuals should develop and progress simultaneously for their survival and attainment of mutual progress. Every organization should...
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