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Topics: Coffee, Starbucks, Coffeehouse Pages: 10 (3398 words) Published: December 12, 2012
1.0 Introduction
1.1 What is Strategic Management?3
2.0 Market Environment Analysis4
3.0 Starbucks Strategic Analysis
4.1 Starbuck’s Situational Analysis
4.0 Strategic Fit Analysis
5.2 SWOT Analysis6
5.0 Conclusion8
6.0 Bibliography9

1.0 Introduction

The task is to undertake a strategic analysis of the Starbucks Coffee Company wills a main focus on the International Segment.

Starbucks Coffee Company is a coffee company based set up to build Starbucks’ businesses outside North America. It buys roasts and sells whole bean specialty coffees and coffee drinks through an international chain of retail outlets. Starbucks, the world’s number one coffee retailer has over 13,000 coffee shops in more than35 countries. Starbucks retail locations offer specialty coffee beverages, gourmet food items, Coffee beans, teas, and a variety of coffee accessories. Starbucks owns about 17,500 of its shops, which are located in about 10 countries (mostly in the U.S.), while licensees and franchisees operate the remaining outlets. A majority of Starbucks retail Sales account for specialty coffee beverages (61%), along with food items (16%), whole--‐bean coffees (15%), and coffee--‐related products and equipment (8%). The company doesn’t compete on price, but rather on the complete experience customers receive while visiting the coffee shop. Starbucks works to create a connection with every single one of their customers. Starbuck’s overall goal is to establish its brand as one of the most recognized and respected ones in the world. Therefore the enterprise plans to continue the rapid expansion of its retail locations, grow its specialty operations, and to selectively pursue other opportunities to leverage the brand through the introduction of new products and the development of new channels of distribution is always seen at Starbucks. In continuance with its history of partnerships, Starbucks and Concord Music Group announced on March 1th of this year the formation of a new record label “Hear Music”.

2.1 What is Strategic Management?

Strategic management consists of the analysis, decisions and actions an organization undertakes in order to create and sustain competitive advantages.

There are four (4) key attributions to strategic Management
a. Directs the organization toward the overall goal and objectives of the organization b. Involve stakeholders in decision making
c. Incorporates short term and long term perspectives
d. Recognizes tradeoff between efficiency and effectiveness.

Howard Schultz goal was to establish “Establish Starbucks as the premier purveyor of the finest coffee in the world while maintaining uncompromising principles as we grow” In this assignment it is examined how Starbucks strategically maintained its products and its body in the Industry and markets while keeping competitors at heart. A strategic fit analysis, market environment analysis and a strategic analysis will be observed.

2.0 Market Environment Analysis

2.1 Starbucks Strategic Analysis

Starbucks’ Situational Analysis
Starbucks is currently one of the top contenders in the coffee industry. It is aware of the stiff competition and are prepared to combat it however possible. In order to better determine Starbucks’ situation in the specialty coffee industry, it is important to look qualitatively and quantitatively at its current strategy. An analysis of the company’s strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, and threats, SWAT analysis, and a strategic issues analysis will breakdown its strategy and provide positive and negative feedback on the company as a whole. Starbucks has done many things to help its company grow and expand into the transnational business that it is today. Its high quality differentiation strategy allows it to focus on pleasing the customer in every way possible. Its introduction of...
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