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I hereby declared that (NOR ATIQAH BT ABDUL KHALID, 0911914), student of department (MATERIAL), International Islamic University Malaysia (IIUM) has successfully completed his/her Engineering Industrial Training from 14th April 2008 till 30th June 2008 at (MARDI). This report is prepared by the above mentioned student as a partial fulfillment of this training. All information given in this report is true and does not contain any confidential information or classified data that might in a way or another abuse the company’s policies.

(Signature, Name & Co. stamp)

Alhamdulillah, the practical training was done successfully and this report was completed within the given time period.
Firstly, I would like to thank my practical training supervisor En. Wan Nazri Wan Busu for all of the patients and understanding given could only be replaced with a million thanks. Not forgotten to all staff in food technology department for their supervision and help during my practical training.

My appreciation also goes to Madam Roslimna, Industrial Training Coordinator Gombak Campus International Islamic University Malaysia and to Dr. Suryanto, Industrial Training Coordinator for Material Department. All the moral supports given throughout the completion of this training and for the helped in finding and placing the trainees is very much appreciated.

Finally, very much thanks to all the colleagues in the material engineering department, fellow friends and to all individuals who had given me encouragement, supports and direct or indirect helps. I appreciate it very much and had given the best effort I can in completing my training successfully.

Let Allah bless you for all your kindness

Alhamdulillah, thanks to Allah, I have managed to complete the Engineering Industrial Training in MARDI without problems. I have completed the 12 weeks period of my practical training with several activities of studying the polymer and plastic and mainly about the improvement process, side activities and also a project on durian skin fiber.

There were some problems that I have faced during the training period. One of the main problems is lack of prior knowledge of some procedures and process. Then, the time of practical training has prevent me to study further about the process in the workshop since there are many steps to finish the project in durian skin fiber. The major problem during the training is when facing the new things that I have never encounter before and did not learn in the university. This gives me opportunity to learn what is not thought in the university.

As recommendation, I would like to suggest about the line of the machining process should have enough man power when working in order to match the cycle time that has been set, no matter what it takes. For university’s level, the visiting lectures should be the one who are in the same field or from the same discipline of the student because this can ensure that the more effective evaluation and the students will know their weakness in his field. Moreover, the university should review the subjects that being thought to the student from time to time since many of the subject were not related with the industry in Malaysia.

Overall, the EIT program is consider to be very successful with all of the objectives is achieved

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2.1 Introduction to Engineering Industrial Training
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2.3 EIT Venue and Time Table

3.4 Company History
3.5 Company Organization
3.6 Food Technology Department
3.7 Organization Chart
3.8 Company Corporate Vision
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