Human Relationships and Happiness

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Human Relationships and Happiness
Happiness is only experienced when you share it with others around you. Your friends, family, significant others, peers, and books all show a person how it is better to share your happiness with others than to experience it by yourself. In songs the artists always sing about how they are happier with people and how it is hard to share things by being alone. Although being alone can be nice and it gives you a feeling of serenity, it isn’t the same as it would be with someone else because you are able to share it with family, friends, significant others, and books. All of these factors help with how you experience your own happiness.

Family is a key part to a person’s happiness. Your mother and father have always been a part of your life and have witnessed how you express your feelings. For starters they are always there for support. Support is the biggest thing they can give you and my parents have given me their support since day one. Knowing that I have it makes me realize that sharing my decisions with them gives me happiness. Also by telling them about my decision of what college I wanted to go to shows I have their support because I am here now and I couldn’t ask to be anywhere better. I realized that if I wasn’t able to share my decision about college with them it wouldn’t be as enjoyable. Along with support, there were my parents always pushing me towards success. They always pushed me to succeed in dance and to always practice so that in the end I was able to get the satisfaction of being awarded with what I deserved. They pushed me to always do the best I could in school and to accomplish something like graduating. Many people don’t usually have that drive or that push to succeed in anything they do because they don’t have someone there to push them in the right direction. To have what some people don’t, gives me happiness because I wouldn’t have been able to have done it on my own. Lastly, would be that they...
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