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  • Published : February 27, 2013
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Turret Lathes
The turret lathe, as we know it today, is a comparatively modern machine, and was developed from an ordinary engine lathe by the addition of revolving tool-holding devices called turrets. The turret was at first made of circular form, and rotated upon a vertical pivot which had a binding nut whereby it could be held in any desired position. The circumference of the circular turret was drilled and reamed for four tools projecting horizontally from it at angles of 90 degrees with each other. Later the number of tool holes was increased to six, and the turret was frequently made of hex-gonal form. Parts of turret lathe

• saddle
• turret
• parting tool post at rear end of carry over
• spindle,
• head stock,
• motor 4 running spindle,bed,guide ways,gears 4 power transmission 4rm motor 2 spindle and also 4 controlling speed.

Types of turret lathes

The archetypical turret lathe: horizontal, manual

The archetypical turret lathe, and the first in order of historical appearance, is the horizontal-bed, manual turret lathe.

Semi-automatic turret lathes

Sometimes machines similar to those above, but with power feeds and automatic turret-indexing at the end of the return stroke, are called "semi-automatic turret lathes"

Automatic turret lathes

These machines can execute many part-cutting cycles without human intervention.

Computer numerical control and second-operation lathes

When World War II ended, the digital computer was poised to develop from a colossal laboratory curiosity into a practical technology that could begin to disseminate into business and industry.

Vertical turret lathes

The term "vertical turret lathe" (VTL) is applied to machines wherein the same essential design of the horizontal version is upended, which allows the headstock to sit on the floor and the faceplate to become a horizontal rotating table, analogous to a huge potter's wheel....
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