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  • Published : December 11, 2012
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Project Submitted in partial fulfillment of for the award of Degree OF


(Affiliated to JNTU University)

(KAKINADA –2010-2012)


I hereby declare that the project report titled “A Study on “TRAINING AND DEVELOPMENT” submitted by me to the department of business management, “NOVACOLLEGE OF ENGINEERING AND TECHNOLOGY”, is a Bonafied work under taken by me and it is not submitted to any other University or Institution for the award of any Degree/Diploma certificate on any time before.

Signature of the Student

Name and Address of the Student:



I take this opportunity to thank Mr. K.KAMESWARAO Principal of “NOVA COLLEGE OF ENGINEERING AND TECHNOLOGY”, for has encouragement in doing the project work. I take this opportunity to thank Mr. B.SURESH Head of the Department of M.B.A Dept, for has encouragement in doing the project work. I would like to thank Mr. ---------------------------- faculty of for has guidance and suggestion and her kind help and motivation in completing the project. I would like to thank Mr. GVN RAMA RAO, Asst.manager HR, and Institute of Management for his valuable guidance. I also thank Ms.PRASANNA, my friend, for her guidance and cooperation in completing this project. I take the opportunity to express my deep and sincere gratitude to the management of JERSEY for their gesture of allowing me to undertake this project and its various employees who lent their hand towards the completion this study.

No industrial organization can long ignore the training and development needs of its employees without seriously inhibiting its performance. Even the most careful selection does not eliminate the need for training. Since people are not molded to specifications and rarely meet the demands of their jobs adequately. Give a man a fish and you have given him meal. Teach man to fish and you have given him a livelihood. This ancient Chinese proverb seems to describe the underlying ration ale of all training and developed programs. Four important developments, which seem to have contributed in recent years, to greater attention being given to training are as follows first, it is now beloved that training can cannot be taught second with the raid change in technology every individual needs to be own narrow functional area. He must also possess a general understanding of the tasks and culture every individual to be able to behave effectively, must be trained in interpersonal skills diverse gaffes, lifestyle and attitudes of people in other countries as well. They need to learn many things such as how to introduce on self before a foreign client, converse and negotiate, talk on telethon, and use body language and so on. To avoid the cultural shook, cross cultural orientation of employees in becoming equally important. The development of high potential workers with the support of continuous training and reading is now a day seen as a core element in the development of comparative advantage of the organizations. Catenellow and Redding observe that the recent business success of systematic management of employee training, a number of complaints have been identified in Britain which have integrated training and development in their wider business planning. A survey in canada3 reveals that 60% of business and labor leaders see education and training as either the first or second most important factor for improving international...
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