Human Process Interventions

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Organizational Change & Development


Organizational Change & Development


Table of Contents
“Human Process Interventions”3
Team Building:6
Conflict Management:6
Decision Making:7
Problem Solving:7
Organizational Learning:7
Knowledge Management:8
Leadership Development:8
Importance Of Od Consultants:8
Types Of Team Building:9
Team Diagnostic Interventions:9
Team Process Interventions:9
Team Relationship Interventions:9
The Accenture Human Capital Development Framework:9
Conflict Management Intervention:13
Third Party Intervention:14


Process management helps you and guides you to understand how to implement business strategies and carry forward business successfully .They guide you how you can successfully implement process improvements (assosiation). To carry a business successfully, one should take in to account that whether the relationship of the employees is cordial or not. The main purpose of human process intervention is not to let employees interfere in each other’s work, but to make them learn how to work in groups, teams, together and build a sense of belongingness. The much they would interact, the more they would know each other, each other’s psyche. This would become the stair for them to resolve disputes between each other human process is not a single story phenomena, it contains different ways and methods of intervention. (Barregarye,, 2011)

This includes:
1 Third party intervention.
2 process consultation
3 group process approaches
The main purpose of these approaches is to make the organization prosper through building good terms between employees, because, employees are actually the main asset of the organization which would make them successful or could make them experience the worse. (mojibah, 2012)

The main purpose of this approach is to create a scenario and working condition in which both the client and OD practitioner works side by side. The client has got the equal opportunity to give his feedback ideas and explain the way in which he wants to improve the situation .when working in this manner, you actually create a more strong stance because you are actually taking into account the ideas and thoughts of the person, for whom you are actually supposed to work. It is actually indicating towards the essence of team work and the saying that “two heads are better than one”. This phenomenon would build into us the concept of discussing things and actually considering it more effective to work in the teams. This would provide you with as many solutions as possible and most of the time, with relevant solutions (Beitler m. A., organizational change interventions, 2005) . The key objective of any interventions is to produce desired behavior and performance. The main goal of process consultation is to diagnose the problems facing the organization, find solutions, and improve the overall (Barregarye, 2012).

There is a measuring instrument or tool you can say MBTI, which is used to measure or detect that what is the reaction of a person towards anything or any situation. This is basically used to generate a general prediction or analysis of a certain situation that how you generally connect that personality of a person with his reaction, adoption of different scenarios that how he responds to different situations because his reaction towards different situation depicts his personality and tells you what type of a person he is for example is he an emotional one, rational, strong, introvert , extrovert etc (a review of organization development interventions, 2001).

Most of the people who are participating in the MBTI thing are usually the white collar ones but that does...
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