Human Populations Dynamics

Topics: World population, Population, World's largest cities Pages: 3 (266 words) Published: January 19, 2013
Human Populations
By:Dennis Rodas

Three factors that affect changes in the
human population of Haiti are?

Some women don’t survive giving birth to their
newborn child. This happens with many, this means
while giving one to the world were losing one as

In Haiti there is an estimated 2.2 percent of
Haitians living with HIV

They’re many natural disasters in Haiti which also
affects the population

What technological advance might affect the change in
the human population from 2005 to 2025?

Because of the earthquake that happened in Haiti
technology can help. Such as the telecentre
community in giving idea’s to support Haiti and
over the years increase there population by
growing it together in making a more healthier
Haiti. That will give a stronger and faster growing
population in Haiti.




Compare and contrast the shapes of the
population graphs for 2005 for Haiti and

For age 5 the populations are the same for Haiti

For ages 35 and 45 the population is the same for

For ages 40 there is more for men then women in

For the ages 90,95,and 100 the mens have a
population but the women don’t even have one for

Compare the changes in populations of
Haiti and Canada from 2005 to 2025

• For Haiti ages 10 from 2005 to 2025
they’re the most similar

• For Canada ages 50 are about the
same population

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