Human Personality in Mrs. Dalloway

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  • Published : May 1, 2013
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Final Paper (1st Draft)

Mystery and suspense captured the audience or readers who set out on an endeavor to find out who is blackmailing General Sternwood and better yet, where is Regan? Though, despite any anticipation brought upon by the story, the protagonist Philip Marlowe ironically lacked mystery or intrigue. A seemingly boring man, he fights off temptation of women and sets forth to solve the task at hand. Silver Wig, the alias of Mona Mars adopted by protagonist Phillip Marlowe in Raymond Chandler’s The Big Sleep, was a seemingly crucial character in the novel though lacked a similar importance in the story’s film adaptation. When the knightly Marlowe was captured in a surprise attack, Chandler writes that Mona is the hero dressed in green with lake-blue eyes to untie the knots that bound him. However, film director Howard Hanks created a contrasting situation in which Vivian Regan reappears to save Marlowe leaving no credit due to Mrs. Mars. This scene where Marlowe and Mona first meet may have numerous similarities in plot and dialogue, though their overall meanings differ greatly. “Hello Angel” and “Light me a cigarette, would you Angel?” were lines both read by Humphrey Bogart, Phillip Marlowe, in the film. These short and simple lines change the meaning of the scene with emphasis on the word Angel. This word represents a heavenly being dressed in white, the color of purity and free from corruption. Vivian unties the ropes that restrained Marlowe thus she was his savior, his angel. Both the novel and film comply with the idea that Phillip Marlowe has knightly qualities such as loyalty and chivalry though the temptations and evils of Los Angeles eventually corrupt him. However this scene in the movie proves that Marlowe had persisted against such evils and had not been corrupted just yet. The Private Investigator had already showed affection towards Vivian Regan, therefore it was on par with his chivalry and loyalty to make her be the...
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