Human Nature

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  • Published : May 23, 2013
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Human Nature
We as humans are social animals. We socialize everyday of our lives. Without the drama and the social activities we have our lives would be boring and bland. But in some social activities that we are being accused or all the attention is brought to us we will turn into animals and will do anything to get the attention off of us. First I would like to clarify what the definition of human nature is, the general psychological characteristics, feelings, and behavioral traits of human kind, regarded as shared by all humans.

A famous quote that I believe explains human nature is: “It is a short walk from bullying to genocide.” This quote to me is saying that there is a short distance from accusing someone of something and then a huge fight breaks out because you believe the other person is wrong. There have been psychology studies on human behavior. There was the Class Divided Experiment. There was a teacher that told her students one day that the blue eyed kids were better than the brown eyed kids. The blue eyed kids were able to get seconds and had a longer time at recess. The brown eyed kids were not allowed to get seconds and had a shorter recess than what the blue eyed kids had. Then the next day that they came to school the brown eyed kids were better than the blue eyed kids. She even did this on adults and they all got very defensive and when someone was being picked on or accused the other people in the group would not stick up for their friends. We as humans will do anything to not be accused or brought into it. We see it as long as we are not being picked on or accused you are on your own. We as humans experience human nature every day. There was another experiment called the Stanford Prison Experiment. This experiment had a jail like environment in the basement of Stanford University. They went and asked people to be in “jail” for two weeks to test how they would react in that environment. They were informed that they could leave at any...
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