Human Morality and Social Justice

Topics: Human, Thought, Morality Pages: 2 (905 words) Published: January 9, 2013
Human Morality and Social Justice
In the words of the great philosopher, Joseph Addison, a person may be qualified to do greater good to mankind and become more beneficial to the world, by morality without faith than by faith without morality. Analyzing this thought and seeing the world around us, one can easily say that such persons do not exist anymore who are beneficial to the world in any way as all of us have seemed to lose a virtue known as humanity which distinguished us from the animals. Human morality though sophisticated and complex relative to other animals, is essentially a natural phenomenon that evolved to restrict excessive individualism that could undermine a group's cohesion. We, the human after living for such a long time have finally reached to the conclusion that we can succeed in any of our endeavors if and only if we work together. The concept of morality makes us realize that in spite of all of our achievements in life, we are ultimately perishable beings which gives us a feeling that we should lead a life incorporated by such values that it becomes worthwhile. But unfortunately, in the recent times our society has grown in such a way that we have begun to evaluate individuals on the basis of their economic status. Due to this fact, the society has been polluted by such crimes which have made a certain sect of the society which commit them, unfit to live with the rest of us. But we have established a system under the belief that those individuals can be rectified if they are given a punishment according to the crimes which they commit so that they may realize their mistakes and start leading their life on a correct path. Unfortunate circumstances although have lead to development of such mentality among us that we do not mind adopting paths which are not correct or rather inhumane without any remorse. Even though we continue to make new laws and amend old ones to make the punishments suitable so that we may achieve our dream of living in...
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