Human Moment

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  • Published : May 7, 2013
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Around the world, no matter aboriginal or modern citizen, they also living in a huge society and people need human contact in order to surviveundoubtedly. When people get together in a society, they would communicate with each other by in person and this is what we call human moment. Also, we cannot avoid human moment happen in our daily life.

First of all, according to Hallowell (1999, p. 2) it mention that in the last ten years or so, technological change have made a lot of face-to-face interaction unnecessary. In the past 30 years ago, people living in a developing technology environment, the majority children or teenagers they would not have their own cell phone or even a desktop at home. Thus, people tend to communicate through face to face meeting or gathering. In this generation, as a result people have more real person interaction, they would have more human moment happen in their daily life.

At the same time, according to Quinn, Faerman, Thompson, McGrath and Clair

(2011, p. 116) it mention thatthe cure for hyperconnectivity is creating a face to face “human moment” with other people. When you talk with others, the communication is containingverbal and non-verbal interaction such as facial expression, posture and gesture and these things can help us to reduce our social conflict with people.

For instance, when we use text messages or email communicate with others without human moment, in two people conversation, sometime would talk about the other side’ s comments. When one side comments the other side through text messages, due to he cannot see his friend’s facial or eyes expression, then he would comment his friend continuously. But in fact, the other side was extremely angry because he feels someone talk about some bad things to him and he cannot express his indignation through texting directly. As a result of this communication without human moment, thus it makes this relationship appearance misunderstanding and damagestheir...
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