Human Memory Model

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  • Published : October 6, 2012
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American InterContinental University

What is the Human Memory Model? Do you know where your thoughts and memories go? We are going to look at the three different memory types. What makes them up and how they function. Developing short and long term memories is something that is a long term project. We do not fill our cerebral cortex with all the knowledge and memories overnight.

In this paper we are going to look at the human memory model. What makes us process thoughts into memories, process things we see, hear, feel, taste and smell into memories. We are going to look at short term memory, long term memory and sensory memory types. These different types of memory models make up the structural and functional model of memory.

First we look at sensory memory this is like the safety deposit box of the memory bank. Sensory memory is the processing of brief sensations that occur through the five senses. They are briefly stored in your short term memory bank. If you enter a room that has a not so pleasant smell your brain is processing this in your short term memory. You may remember the room itself, but not necessarily the smell. Sensory memory only sticks around while the stimulus is also around. Certain instances can help recall the memories like an emotional memory, the stronger the emotion, the stronger the memory.

Short term memory is also referred to as working memory, the combination of transient sensory memory and extensive long term memory. New material comes in and mashes with the old information, and is managed as a working process. Not all short term thoughts get put into our long term memory vault. Some methods of retaining information are called chunking. We process letters, numbers and thoughts by grouping into chunks of seven. Phone numbers are a good example of this, two groups of three digits and one group of four digits. Maybe this is why phone numbers are formatted this way, so we...
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