Human Life Begins

Topics: Marriage, Sexual intercourse, Homosexuality Pages: 2 (407 words) Published: December 18, 2012
1.Cases for Study:

CASE 1: Two college students, Carlo and Tina, eighteen and seventeen respectively, have decided to live together both for sexual reasons and because they enjoy each other's company. Tina intends to take birth control pills, they intend to share expenses and they have an agreement to be honest with and faithful to each other throughout the entire relationship. They have also agreed that if either one of them wants to break off the relationship, he or she has only to say so and the relationship will end with no recriminations. Is what they are doing moral? Why or why /

CASE 2: You have been working with Rene for about a year and have always found him witty, intelligent, compassionate and friendly. One night he invites you to have dinner with him and his friend Vic at their apartment. You discover that the two men are homosexuals and that they have been living together for about three or four years. You are surprised to find out that they are not effeminate in any way; in fact, except that they prefer homosexuality to heterosexuality, they are in no way different from a lot of other nice people you know. They do not molest children, nor do they attempt to impose their values on anyone else; all they want is to live together happily and in peace. Is what Rene and Vic doing moral? Why or why not?

CASE 3: Ian, forty-five, is married to Letty, forty-three, and they have three teen-age children. Generally speaking, they have a pretty good marriage, except for their sex life. Although they both know it is poor, they don't discuss it very often. Over a period of several months Letty notices a change in Ian, and she finally asks him if there's anything wrong. Ian blurts out that he is in love with another woman with whom he's had an affair for several months. Letty is so angry and hurt that she immediately demands that he leave the house and states that she wants a legal...
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