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Topics: High school, Learning, Lev Vygotsky Pages: 3 (1199 words) Published: April 27, 2013
Applied Learning Experience- Final Project

1) For this project I used my god son (Trey), his sister (Kyla), and two of their friends (Kaylee and Nick). They are all 9th grade students at Russellville Junior High School in Russellville, Arkansas. Trey, Kaylee, and Nick are all 14 years old, while Kyla is the oldest at 15 years old. This project took place at Trey and Kyla’s home in Russellville, Arkansas, at the kitchen table where they study. I was not very sure about Kaylee and Nick’s educational background, but Trey and Kyla are honor roll students at the Junior High. It might be because of the fact that their parents will not let them play video games or participate in any extracurricular activities if they fail to keep their grades up.

2) At this point in their science class at Russellville Junior High in which they all have together, they are learning about corals and sea creatures in their island formation and volcano unit and I thought I would help by teaching them the lesson. The goal of the lesson is for the students to work together in order to answer important questions from the textbook, they will determine the difference between corals and other sea creatures, and they will also work together to summarize other important information. 3) The lesson took place at approximately 7:30Pm at Trey and Kyla’s house in Russellville, Arkansas. This is the time the kids normally are told to study and begin homework because they are home from school and/or any extracurricular activities that they normally participate in. The lesson was done around the kitchen table with no television or and other distractions in the room.

4) I paired the students into groups of two, Trey and Kaylee in one group while Kyla and Nick were in another. Both groups were given one worksheet and were told to present one answer per team. Both groups were told to sit side by side to their partner and put their names on the top of the paper. The person on the right...
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