Human Interactions Social Aspect

Topics: Nicolae Ceauşescu, Sociology, Behavior Pages: 2 (451 words) Published: May 27, 2013
Human interactions and behaviours are shaped by many social influences that are not limited to just culture, or society in general. The first forms of social influences are encountered at birth and continue throughout an individual’s lifetime. Throughout life, these social influences also play a role in helping shape his or her personality and other forms of behaviour. Naturally, humans are continuously evolving and constantly changing, growing and developing. In the same way, an individual’s schemas, values, morals, and attitudes are influenced and evolving with the assistance of social influences. Human’s like reptiles have the ability to change and behave in certain ways at different times and different places because social influences can alter and shape actions, speech, and much more. For example, an individual’s persona in the workplace is one way and another way at home. In each environment, social influences trigger various behaviours acceptable to that environment. Evolutionarily, humans have evolved into social creatures and in order to maintain a healthy lifestyle, various forms of social interactions are required. Isolating or total confinement not only is a cruel form of punishment, but a limiting factor in developing appropriate behaviours. Without social influences, humans would not be able to develop a sense of appropriate behaviours nor would they be able to read social cues. It is fairly evident that social influences shape our behaviour and we can further exemplify it by looking at the human deprivation “experiment” in Romanian orphanages. The cruel and inhumane actions of a Romanian dictator, Nicolae Ceausescu, favoured polices to raise the birth rate and established institutions for orphans and children whose parents could not care for them. Babies who were abandoned or given up to the state by their parents, all suffered drastically in these Romanian orphanages. These babies were deprived of the basic necessities that most of us often take...
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