Human Impact On Earth

Topics: Global warming, Ocean, Earth Pages: 2 (800 words) Published: March 30, 2015
Explain the impact that humankind has had upon their spaceship up to date. Humans have had the biggest impact on the earth and of all its life support systems since the beginning and its only now when everything’s nearly destroyed that we finally notice that this planet is all we have. The earth has naturally given us and all the other species on earth exactly what we need to survive, yet we continue to find new ways to destroy these given resources to make and supply people with things they don’t need. The spaceship earth theory is there to help us understand that this planet is the only one we have, there is nowhere else, we can’t just destroy earth and expect to be able to find a new home somewhere out there in space. So we need to fix all the things we have damaged and keep earth for as long as we can. Humans have had a large impact on the earth’s atmosphere. Global warming has been one of the atmospheres biggest problems, with pollution surrounding us heat is having trouble escaping back to space leaving it all with us. With all of the factories producing fossil fuel carbon into the air and ocean, our water, coral, plants and even animals are being affected. Other problem such as the damage to our ozone layer has also caused some problems. With all the chemicals being released into the air some of this layer has been destroyed mainly over our north and south poles (fig.5). Humans have only just become aware of the dangers we are causing our earth and how important our planet actually is, and even though there are people doing so much to help a lot of the damage has already been done. The hydrosphere has been damaged to almost the point of unfixable. Oceans around the world are becoming degraded. Evidence shows that human activities, including intense fishing around the world, are ruining our ocean ecosystems beyond their natural state, fish, shellfish, and other important species are dropping in numbers in many places. These changes are impairing the...
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