Human Happiness

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  • Published : October 13, 2010
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To one person, human happiness may require a certain set of values while to another person, their set is different. Although the sets may seem to be totally different, there will be some similarities. Listed from Activity 9.2 in the text book, there are certain values that stand out and can promote to human happiness. Some more than others. Out of the 12 listed, these are the three that stood out in my eyes.

The first would be, “having the moral responsibility toward the less fortunate.” This would be one step to human happiness. Why you ask? Put yourself in their shoes. If you were the less fortunate person and were struggling to get back on your feet with a passion rather than just to get another “fix” (if that is why the person got there), wouldn’t you want some type of assistance. Of course not looking for a full ride, but a helping hand? Doing so for someone with that mentality would make you feel like a better person and in result, would make you a happier person.

Another would be, “giving people equal opportunities, regardless of race, religion, or gender.” If we look past what was on the outside of a person and paid attention to what was on the inside, then they could learn a whole lot more about someone and realize the true person they are. The result would be happiness. This one hits me the closest because I am of a minority group and am often mistaken for the majority. Then once people realize what I really am, they are surprised.

Lastly, the final out of the list would be, “we should try to take other people’s needs into consideration when we act.” Taking into consideration versus making sure they are done are at opposite ends of the spectrum. Taking consideration means that you are listening to them and considering what they feel. It’s stating that you are getting their point of view where you can make suggestions later on before doing. In doing so you are helping someone and therefor, you become happy for helping someone....
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