Human Growth

Topics: Childhood, Developmental psychology, Pregnancy Pages: 2 (790 words) Published: March 31, 2013
I believe that the human life journey is a journey that should never be taken for granted. There are many different stages in the life journey, and every stage that you start and finish affects the next stage. The first stage in one’s life is one that they are unable to control. The heredity and Prenatal Development occurs when the child is inside of their mother’s womb. Although the unborn child is unable to control what happens in this stage, it is very critical that the mother takes care of herself during this stage. If any mistakes are made in this stage they have the chance of affecting the unborn child for the rest of their life. Parents must make sure that their child develops a sense that the world that they live in is a safe world. Since the child is unable to make a proper relationship, the parent must make a healthy relationship between the child and themselves. Next is the Infancy development. This is when the child is able to start exploring the world on their own. This is when the child does a lot of their growing as well. It is important for the child to grow and understanding that they are their own person. Without doing this it will be difficult for the child to properly adjust to the next stage in life. Early childhood follows after infancy. The child’s growing slows down in this stage, and it is vital that they understand that they are their own person. This stage is when the child will be going to preschool and they will most likely widen their friendship circle to people outside of their family. The child must be able to understand that everything will not always go their way. They must understand that failure is a part of life and failing makes you realize your mistakes. Next is Middle Childhood. This is when the adolescent will start to grow taller and lose their ‘baby fat’. Along with that, their social group may grow. Friendships become a lot more important and relationships with their parents may change. The child must...
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