Human Growth

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  • Published : March 15, 2013
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Strategy for the need not being met is love and belongings.

* Support the mother
* Family support
* Ricky needs time out of the house

Support the mother
Angela really needs support as she is finding very difficult coping with the children’s, and she get so stressed some times and takes it out on Ricky .Getting support will help her to be less stressed. Angela and Ricky can have a mother and child healthy relationships. Des should take the kids out of the house more affiant and have him staying with him for the weekend just to give Angela time out to relax and not having to worrying about them. Everybody needs time to them self; Since Ricky doesn’t go to play school could stay with Angela’s mother some times. Angela is always copped inside the house. Having Angela going out more would really help her, she might even forget about her worries. There are many support groups out there for Angela and Des. Des needs to understand how difficult it is for Angela. Having them going to support would really help their relationships and more important Ricky’s relationships with his mother. The government such really get involved to make sure that Des plays his part on Ricky’s life. Ricky

Ricky doesn’t socialise with any one and it’s very important for him to have some one where there they are their age or not. As his mother is to busy with the baby and keeps him indoor as there’s no playground nearby. Ricky needs to be around others to learn how to in and to gain self-esteem. Having Ricky socialise -
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