Human Geography - Diamonds of War

Topics: Diamond, Blood diamond, Sierra Leone Pages: 2 (790 words) Published: March 5, 2012
Human Geography
Diamonds of War
1.According to the film, what percentage of all diamonds are considered illicit? a.The film says that 20% of all diamonds are considered illicit. They are diamonds that are smuggled out of countries. They are diamonds that have paid for wars, terrorists, weapons, or armies. They can also be diamonds that were used to launder money or hide illegal activity. 2.How many UN troops are currently stationed in Sierra Leone? Why is the number significant? a.There are 17,000 UN troops stationed in Sierra Leone. It is the largest UN force currently deployed. After a 10 year civil war, peace is very fragile so the UN force has to be there to maintain a stable country. 3.What is the goal of the Kimberley Process?

a.The goal of the Kimberley Process is to stop the trafficking of blood diamonds. They want illicit diamonds to be stopped from entering legitimate markets. The diamond industry sees blood diamonds as a huge mark on their public image and they know that the conflicts over diamonds are ones that they do not want to be associated with. They do not want to be linked to them so they do not want to sell them. 4.Why are diamonds the ideal currency for clandestine transactions all over the globe? a.The biggest reason that diamonds are ideal currency for shady acts is because they are easy to struggle. They are very high value for a small amount. A handful of diamonds can be worth $100,000 dollars and there is no smell or residue so they are hard to find. Diamonds are also really easy to get in Africa. Dealers do not ask questions and they will deal with anyone. The diamonds can also enter a legit market and get mixed in so they are difficult to trace and they get laundered into the market quickly. 5.Who are the Maraka? Why are they feared?

a.The Maraka are a group of notorious smugglers. They are feared for their magical powers, they can disappear when they get to borders or checkpoints. They are big into bribing police...
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