Human Genetic Engineering Discussion for and Against

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  • Published : March 25, 2012
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Although genetic engineering may seem like the key to a healthy, disease free population not enough is known about genetic engineering, and human genes to make it safe. The human genome is very complicated, often times one sequence of genes has control over multiple different physical attributes of a person, this means that by altering one gene sequence scientists could very easily accidentally alter multiple different attributes of humans. Also scientists have discovered that even when they do introduce a new gene into a DNA strand it is very difficult to decide where, in the DNA strand, that new gene will go. While trying to make humans immune to a disease scientists could very easily alter a different aspect of a human’s DNA, thus creating humans with unwanted genetic defects. These genetic defects would also, most likely, become present in that persons reproductive cells, and any children they had would acquire the genetic defects present in their parent. These genetic defects could actually cause these humans to be more prone to certain diseases that before. With Genetic engineering there is too much room for error, and any mistakes made could lead to entire populations of genetically mutated humans.While it would be beneficial to the human race to use genetic engineering there would be the unavoidable issue of class. If there were genetically superior humans, then there would consequently be those who would be genetically inferior. This would lead to a class system of rich super-humans with the normal humans thrust into poverty. There have been several stories where these theoretical societies have been postulated.Before birth babies were classified as being in different castes and were conditioned the rest of their pre-birth through chemical regimens that either strengthened them or stunted their growth physically and mentally. The society was very balanced therefore, but was also very controlled and unpleasant for any who did not fit in to...
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