Human Gait Analysis During Walk and Run

Topics: Foot, Walking, Human leg Pages: 11 (3521 words) Published: March 5, 2012
Ali Khishdoost Borazjani
Student number: 201013884
MSc medical Engineering
Human locomotive 2010-2011
Tutor : N.Vanicek
Human gait analysis during walk and run

When human travel by foot from point X to point Y and they are not in rush, they walk but when they rushed they run. Although human legs can have a wide range of movement and locomotion pattern but when people travel on foot, in most cases they use walk or run. There are many items effect on this selection like the optimum energy consumption. So walk and run are two most important locomotive patterns for human. The aims of this experiment are to compare the gait pattern in a middle age man in two phases, run and walk by comparing kinematic and kinetic data. With the help of digital camera technology and track manager software the result of this experiment us precise and close to reality.

Through human history, people were always curious about the movement involve in walking and running. Painting and sculpture from 500BC in Greece and Persia shows that they knew the shape and alignment of the limbs in different activities. During renaissance this knowledge was changed from an artistic view into a scientific biomechanical understanding. In the recent years by using computer in vast range of science, analysing gait cycle in human became more accurate and visual. By this knowledge producer are being able to design and create better running shoes. Orthopaedist are being able to help people with locomotion disabilities more effective than past. There are two major models in human locomotion, walking and running. They are similar in many aspects and also different in the other aspects. Biomechanically differences between these two patterns are the subject for this study. The most obvious difference is that in walking entails a double support phase but running entails a flouting phase. Also they have a difference in key event time in a stride cycle. Walking contain a single or double support while running contain support and non-support phases.

3-1 Participant
Only one subject was taken part in this study. It was a middle aged man who had been tried on a level walkway. The participant needs to walk and run on the walkway platform with the shoes on. He used adidas supernova running shoes in this test. The test was carried out in health and fitness laboratory at University of Hull. The participant was briefly informed about health and safety issues during the experiment and also he was explained by lecturer about how the test is carried out. A record of weight and height was taken from the subject in order to create a file on his name in the computer. (Biomechanic analysis of running, Malaysia university 1998) 3-1 Protocol

The 3 dimensional kinematic and kinetic values were collected in several trials using Qualisys track manager software(Qualisys, Gothenburg, Sweden).laboratory was also equipped with 10 Proreflex MCU1000 cameras(Qualisys, Gothenburg, Sweden) in order to detect 3D markers coordination during each trial. To obtain kinetic data, three rectangular force plates (AMTI, massachusets, USA) were placed in the middle of walkway. Subject prepared by attaching 44 reflecting position markers in order to be detected by cameras. Some of markers presented the coordination and the position of the joints and important bones that is involved in human gait cycle during walk and run. Place of markers were arranged according to means that 16 markers attached to lateral and medial lower heels, medial and lateral ankles, medial and lateral knees, iliac crests and Greater Trochanters and also 12 markers attached to Posterior Superior Iliac Spines (PSIS), Anterior Superior Iliac Spines (ASIS),1st ,2nd and 5th Metatarsals and Calcaneouses and finally 16 markers as two sets of 4 attached to Anterior Thighs and Shanks. The test had three sections firstly the participant had been asked to completed a static trial...
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