Human Experimentation in Research

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Human Experimentation in Research
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Throughout our history, research has been an important and vital area in our development as a species. Research has touched almost every aspect in human life in one way or another. It has helped us to make great improvements in our daily lives, while searching for solutions to improve the health and wellbeing of the human race. The secretive research experimentation on unsuspecting humans has been performed throughout our history. Even though the consequences of such practices were often fatal and with prolonged effects to the subjects, knowledge was obtained through this type of research. Researchers who engage in such experimentation overlook the end importance of the research, which is to enhance human development. These methods of gaining knowledge, breach ethical conducts for the gain of the researchers. Promoting ethical preservation in this field and use of strict punishment to the violators of the ethics in research should be a priority. In the 1900, a small group of American doctors did unethical experiments on prisoners in the Philippines. Five prisoners were chosen to infect with the bubonic plague. They also infected another group of twenty nine prisoners with beriberi. These experiments were just as unethical as any other experimentation done on human beings. These prisoners were imprisoned targets for the American doctors who chose to use them as lab rats. The United States of America was the first country to begin a program of forced sterilization. This idea was to try and control certain races. The plan was to sterilize those with mental illnesses, vision and hearing impaired, individuals with leprosy or other deformities. It is believed that Native and African American women were sterilized unknowingly while hospitalized. In 1897, Michigan introduced a forced sterilization bill which was never passed, but in 1905 a similar bill was passed in Pennsylvania, but it was vetoed. The first state to pass a compulsory sterilization bill was Indiana which came four year after Pennsylvania tried. This made way for other states to follow their lead. This inhumane program that the United States of America passed forced over 65,000 people to be sterilized in 33 states. The last recorded forced sterilization was done in 1981. Dr. Hideyo Noguchi infected 146 patients with syphilis. Some of the patients that were injected were children. Dr. Noguchi was part of the Rockefeller Institute for Medical Research in 1911. He did discover that the agent of syphilis was a root of progressive paralytic disease. In 1913, he proved his discovery of the agent of syphilis in the brain of one of his patients with progressive paralysis. He was soon after sued by the parents of the children that contracted the disease from his experiment. Another American doctor, James Marion Sims, established a private hospital for women in Alabama. He performed multiple experimental surgeries, mainly on slave women. He operated on one woman for five years with no anesthesia. One woman was operated on at least thirty times. He perfected his techniques by experimenting on the slave women, only then would he operate on Caucasian women and with the use of anesthesia. His unethical experimental surgeries made way for modern vaginal surgeries. He was referred to as the father of American gynecology. However, due to his unethical use of helpless slave women that he experimented on, many do not believe that he should be given such a prestigious title.

                        Over the past years, many medical and warfare experiments, including mind control experiments, have been carried out without following any ethical standards. These experiments have been carried out on some unsuspecting population and of course without their consent. Since it is an...
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