Human Error vs Capability

Topics: Boeing 747, Air safety, National Transportation Safety Board Pages: 6 (2196 words) Published: April 9, 2013
“Human error versus human capability: Which way should the pendulum swing?”

For many years, most of the aviation accidents are recognized to some way, to certain form of human error. However experts on the aviation industry worked at their best level to minimize the risk of a human error by introducing a team to analyse safety and become certain to the maximum level by introducing a human factor strategy .The term “human factors” has become very popular in the aviation industry which is used mostly for humans rather than mechanical failure in terms of aviation accidents. According to Boeing, a big aircraft manufacturer - “human factors” are mostly known as the crew resources management (CRM) , however the term “human factors” is very broad in the aviation industry split in both knowledge, base and scope. Simply it’s the get-together information of humans actions such as, ability, limitations, and their personal actions and spread over it to tools, machines, systems, tasks to create a safe environment for humans to apply In the aviation field. Humans factor can be also defined as the most effective and knowing how humans can use the latest technology and make policies to get humans to perform at the best levels . ( GRAEBER U, 2005). It surprise people that a lot of money is invested into management, research and training and the new technology development which is making flying around the planet very safe. However human error related accidents occur. Therefore experts on the Aviation field looked at aviation accidents and examined the reasons behind each case causing airplane crash. According to an industry report of A Human Error Analysis of Commercial Aviation Accidents Using the Human Factors Analysis and Classification System (HFACS) which was test of human mistakes that was tested within the United State military as tool for looking at the error that was made by humans on the aviation accidents. Also the industry report was a very important for the US government because the (HFACS) was applied to commercial aviation accidents records that were preserved by the National Transportation Safety Board. (Predicting visibility of Aircrafts, 2009) . This essay is analysing human capability in the aviation field, the improvement and what’s the efficiency and safety outcome

I strongly believe that experts should focus more on human performance capability in order to improve productivity, efficiency and safe outcomes in Order to improve performance capability we need to have a well understanding of how error are made to improve a productive and efficient techniques for the aviation environments. Safety in aviation is always improving since the first flight by humans. Because of error result from physiological and psychological limitations of humans that are cause error such as overload and luck of thinking when it comes to emergency situations. A main factor in aviation safety and capability performance is insuring that pilots have a very good predicting visibility of Aircrafts. Therefore, A law was made by the United State National Air Space (NAS), Federal Aviation Regulations which apply a rule for all pilots to pass the visual meteorological conditions (VMC) which means pilots have to be able to “see and avoid” aircrafts to make sure a good distance of separations . On the hand, according to an article written in by, The US National Library of Medicine National Institutes that a research has been done to determine whether the visibility or the effectiveness of (VMC) , and the result of the research found that the high technology of most commercial aircraft has the Traffic Collision Avoidance System (CAS) that gives pilots an alarm about a nearby aircrafts which has made the pilots to not pay much attentions to “see and avoid” rule which is not legal under (VMC) considerations. It’s very important to not depend on the (CAS) because there are a lot of general aviation aircrafts does not have...
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