Human Encroachment

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Capstone Checkpoint
November 17, 2010

Capstone Checkpoint
Human encroachment of regions is a major problem and the human race can take steps in order to preserve these regions. There are so many ecosystems being destroyed in order for building to occur. Woods are being bulldozed in preparation for malls, grocery stores or schools. People could play a role in preserving regions by signing petitions or going to town meetings and speaking up. Species have no voice and the human population has to step up and be their voice.

Human encroachment can have its benefits but it can also have its disasters that can result in the loss of species. Take the drilling in the Artic; some argue it can potentially cause an oil spill like the spill that happened off the Gulf of Mexico. If environmentalists are correct, oil spilling will cost millions of dollars to cleanup as well as a hazard to people and species. However, the Obama administration plans to move forwards. In order to create a balance among the competing groups, the ones in favor should make sure there is a plan set into place to quickly fix any problem. Also there needs to be a need for the drilling that goes beyond money. The long-term effects need to be considered and if it seems the drilling would be beneficial to the human population, then those that oppose should have confidence that animals or the area will not be harmed.

Although countries are divided, the earth is not. When one part of the earth is being destroyed, it can affect the entire area. International conservation groups encourage natural resources is equitable and ecologically sustainable in other countries (IUCN, 2011). That is just it, organizations can encourage and give as much information possible about the effects of destroying a jungle, but intervening could cause a war between countries. That is why there are leaders of countries, they are who make decisions for their country.

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