Human Dependancy on Information Technology

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  • Published: December 12, 2012
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Human Dependency on Information Technology:
Social and Ethical implications
Life without computers is unimaginable for today's society. The questionable outcomes of recent advancements in information technology are very controversial when it comes to social and ethical implications. The way in which humans have evolved and involved themselves with technology over the past centuries is to a great extent. As human beings, being dependent variables in the cycle of life is only natural when we are depending on natural resources such as food and water, but is it okay to become dependent on independent variables that are created by humans to better serve humanity? Social and ethical implications are indeed caused by human dependency on information technology. With relation to human dependency on information technology, the social implications of insecurities, childhood internet addiction, and the ethical implications of replacing human labor with machines, along with the use of ubiquitous technology will be discussed in this essay. One must ponder, is human reliance on technology that variable in life which halted the evolution of human beings?

Throughout life, the social development in ones character is an ongoing process. There is never an end to the amount of social experience one can take in, across millions of cultures and backgrounds. In many instances information technology is thought to have increased the social aspect of our lives since we have developed networking programs which are designed for the purpose of finding friends and getting to know people across the globe. Although this is true, the face to face social aspect should also be considered, one in which two or more persons experience direct responses without a node in-between. Social networking websites such as Facebook or Twitter can be seen as a gateway for people with insecurities who don't possess the self esteem or confidence to have intimate relationships with people face to...
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