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  • Published : January 16, 2011
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Thesis: Cloning of humans should be banned because its assaults the Human Life, assaults to religion and Expectations of Human Clones. I.The first reason human cloning should be banned because it degrades the value of humans’ life. A)Human Cloning degrades the dignity of human race because each individual is inherently valuable and unique. 1)Also, if individuals can make copies of their bodies then why care if someone dies or lives. 2)Each human is different in his own way and is gifted with a special skill. Human cloning will make these keys point pointless in society. 3)Murder wouldn’t really be a problem because there will always be a copy the person. II.Another reason human cloning should be banned because it assaults religion. A)Religion is based on faith and the top three believe that god has created all humans. 1)If man created man then what happens to faith, good, bad, and most of all God? Human cloning destroys the meaning of life and the search for the right path. 2)Human cloning destroys the sanity in this world because human underline sanity in religion. B)If human or infants we made in laboratories then that will demolish most valuable relationships in this world and creation of humans. III.The final reason is the no one knows if human clones will be just like real humans. A)In most movies, cloning is displays as the dangerous path the mankind took against itself. Meaning, In movies it shown that clones took control of the world by one same malfunction 1)We do not know that human clones will be exactly same as the real human. Their reaction are unexpected because since each human is unique then so would each clone behavior. We have to think the reaction would be toward the best or the worst. C)Human body function is very complicated, therefore when human cloning happens then the human bodies have many different reactions and combination of genetics. 1)The DNA is a very complicated system and if it is duplicated...
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