Human Cloning Is Wrong

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  • Published : November 4, 2010
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Human cloning is the creation of a copy of another human being without involving sexual reproduction. It is sometimes called human reproductive cloning. Human cloning is one of the serious problems in this world. Actually, this problem is prohibited by the law and God because its process against God’s will which is creating human without eggs and sperms. Moreover, it brings a lot of disadvantages and bad effects for us as the human. Those are the reasons why human cloning is wrong. First, there are many reasons why the law does not allow the people to do human cloning. Human cloning will make this world crowded by the identical human. You can imagine that if human cloning is allowed then the people around you are cloned. You will find a lot of same people in your life. Then, there will be many misunderstandings and problems about the same thinking because the copies of the human will have the same characteristic, appearance, and the way of thinking. Furthermore, it is not proper by God’s will. Based on the bible, babies are born from men and women and it means babies are born from the reproduction between men and women with their eggs and sperms. So, human cloning is prohibited by the law and God. Second, there are a lot of disadvantages and bad effects of human cloning such as emotional risks and improper wars. For example, a baby is born by cloning without parents, after going to school and being in class with his classmates who were born normally, then imagine what the child fell about himself. He will ask why he does not have parents and how he could be born. This is one of the disadvantages of human cloning as emotional risks. There is a small group of people who want to destroy a country such as terrorists. Because they do not have enough people, they just clone themselves couple times in order to get enough people to destroy the country. Then, you can imagine that will be many copies of same human who are used for war. I call this an improper war which is...
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