Human Cloning from a Christian Perspective

Topics: Blade Runner, Philip K. Dick, Do Androids Dream of Electric Sheep? Pages: 2 (665 words) Published: January 19, 2013
The concepts of cloning—in some ways—remind me of a movie called “Blade Runner” (based off of a book entitled Do Androids Dream of Electric Sheep?). The movie presented a fictional world where genetically engineered “Replicants” (humans designed for labor and/or entertainment purposes) attempted to prolong their four year limited lifespan. Several of these replicants were given identities and a full set of artificial memories in the hopes that they would stay sane and stable. As the story progressed, some replicants came to the realization that they had fake identities/memories. Because of this, the replicants attempted to deal with the idea of being different from everyone else which resulted in losing not only their sanity, but their stability (hence, the opposite of what scientists were expecting/hoping for). In this sense, the story takes a fascinating look at genetically altered beings and their struggle to survive in a world where humans have the inability to fully comprehend their experimental outcomes. In cloning today, the imaginative story of Blade Runner no longer seems as fictional. We now seem endeavored to cross a boundary between being a creation, to being the creator. Once one crosses this boundary and moves to play God, worship dissipates. Incidentally, humanity is still wrestling with previously crossed boundaries: abortion, euthanasia, nuclear, biological and chemical weapons etc.; and, in this, I question our wisdom to establish and manage the line between being medical and playing God with cloning. The question that should be answered before scientists go too far into cloning is: where, then, is this line, and can it be enforced? The safe bet would be to limit cloning to certain medical and food enrichment areas. But, as the cloning genie departs its box, the drive to clone humans and animals quickens. Like stated, we still have wars, we still have criminals on the streets, and we still have problems with our economy. In other...
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