Human/Child Sex Trafficking

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  • Published : February 15, 2011
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Human sex trafficking and prostitution are both serious problems within our world today, but when they involve the lives of children they turn into even more serious problems for our society. The children that are forced into living their lives having sex with multiple men (and sometimes woman) every day of their lives are victims of a serious crime that is being committed in our world and they deserve all the help that they can get. We need to see these children as victims and not as children that are committing crimes. After all they are only children and they deserve to live their lives as children and deserve a chance at a better life just as much as the next child. I have researched many ways that the world is coming together to try and help the problem of human trafficking and child prostitution as a whole while also developing programs for the victims and cracking down harder on the traffickers. Human trafficking is defined as the sale, transport, and profit of human beings who are forced to work for others. This could range from being forced to beg for money, working in a sweatshop or having to prostitute yourself. This has turned into our modern day slavery. I am going to focus on the human trafficking and prostitution in our world today while focusing most of my attention to the children involved in such cases. It has been said that human trafficking is the third largest criminal industry in our world after arms and drug dealing, while at the same time being the fastest growing of the three. There is somewhere around 27 million people in this world today who are victims of slavery and of that number 50% are children. It is estimated that 200,000 American children alone are at risk of being forced in to human sex trafficking, but the majority of child trafficking cases are in Asia. The numbers of children forced in to child prostitution is increasing drastically. This is a serious global problem and it needs our attention now. People don’t seem to pay...
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