Human Behaviour

Topics: Human, Male, Female Pages: 4 (1389 words) Published: May 22, 2013
Observations and Research on human behaviour and how it differs to that of other mammals Humans act in a different way to just about all mammals; they override their core instincts in favour of acting more civilized, as the modern world no longer requires them to fight to survive. For example, if there was one last toy in a shop, and two mature people wanted it, in the modern world they would be polite and ask the other whether they desired it. In the animal kingdom, they would fight over it because it could be the difference between prosperity through the winter and starvation. Another example is that being ‘fat’ is considered undesirable and undignified in the civilized world, but in the less civilized world, having more fat reserves and insulation could be the difference between life and death. In this research paper I will attempt to create a conclusion that shows the similarities, and differences between the behaviour of other mammals in the animal kingdom and how we humans behave in modern ‘civilized’ society. I will use both male and female test subject between the ages of 10 and 60 from middle-class backgrounds to obtain a well-balanced conclusion about both humans and animals. For the privacy of the subjects in question, I shall not refer to them by name. And I shall merely observe from afar, the experiments because if the subjects knew they were being watched, then they would not act in a natural way, their motions would be self-conscious and this would not provide the right data for from which I could draw up an accurate conclusion.

I predict that children and adolescents will follow their urges more than adults, who have had more time to learn how to suppress their animalistic instincts.

Observation 1a: How do human males attract females during childhood and adolescence? In the world of animals, a mammal would fight another animal of its kind in front of the female it wishes to attract to show its strength...
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