Human Behaviour

Topics: Human, Psychology, Environmentalism Pages: 3 (990 words) Published: April 28, 2013
Genes, Environment and Heredity
Critically evaluate the link between personality development and culture (Van Harmelen 2006) has shown that tendency to personal electronic education was due to the great need for life continuing education that was a result of the technological progressive advancement in society as well as due to market change. These factors have pushed individuals acquiring more knowledge and elevating their skill standard. This enables them to stand at the cut edge in this profession and form strong networks with others. Since early times, there were huge differences between desert people and people living in fertile lands and villagers – living in river valleys, each environment has its own impact on people living there. The villager grew up in his stable secure green environment and has become saturated with love to goodness, right, beauty and satisfaction. He realised the importance of discipline and central government to regulate and manage the relationship between him and others in neighbouring villages due to his crucial need to find a fair way to distribute irrigation water among all farmers. Being in that environment, the farmer lived with peace and security. He devoted himself for cultivating his land. In his spare time he started to think about the universe, its secrets and phenomenon and its creator. He noticed that plants die in specific times in the year and grow in other different seasons. He reached the conclusion of resurrection after death. Along the time, he became a great innovator and built a great lasting civilisation due to his residential stability and being in close relation to the place. This has solidified in his consciousness a great source of belonging to land and nature. On the other side, the Bedouin grew up in harsh and poor environment does not feel stability there . He is in a continuous mode of travelling. He has to pull out his tent each time the water and grass dry out searching for another place with...
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