Human Behavior Analysis Monaco Suites

Topics: Organizational structure, Strategic planning, Organizational culture Pages: 5 (1634 words) Published: May 14, 2013
Monaco Suites de Boracay is the only luxurious exclusive all-suite resort on the island. Situated in a 16,000 square meter estate in Boracay’s finest location along a seaside hill, Monaco Suites boasts of spacious units sprawling out across well-maintained landscaped tropical gardens, with a panoramic view of Bulabog Beach and Mt. Luho (the highest elevation on the Island). All suites are comfortably furnished with the best quality of furniture and fixtures exclusively designed for Monaco Suites de Boracay. All suites have fitted kitchens, stylish en-suite bathrooms and spacious terraces or balconies with unobstructed view of the sea. The architecture is of timeless, classic Mediterranean elegance and highest quality that meets International Standards. It is also known for its Sea View Restaurant which offers international cuisine with its classic, timeless and elegant setting.

Background of the Organization
-Type of org. Mission-Vision, Corporate Philosophy, Values and Goals, Organizational Culture  Vision Statement:
To forge flawless five-star foundations that we become the only place to be and your only site to see, keeping guests returning each and every time.

Mission Statement:
We endeavor in excellence, we embellish experience, we exceed expectations:
We strive to be your only choice.

* Guide Questions:
1. How did the company come up with its Mission-vision?
They created both to basically create a standard for employees to work by. Since it is a an independently owned resort and not a franchise, it had to come up with its own. Therefore creating the ideal mind set for the management heads to implement into their departments. 2. Is it a good mission Vision? Why?

Yes, because it gives the employees and incentive to work on international standards. Since there are less than a hundred employees working in a sixteen thousand square meter estate. Monaco Suites wants the best working output out of each of their highly valued employees. 3. Does it give a clear picture on what the company wants to achieve? Yes, due to the fact that in the vision statement that they want to “forge flawless five-star foundations that we become the only place and only site to see” clearly states that they want to become a resort renowned for their service and high standards in each thing they do. Whether it be just to take your bag to your suite, cooking your meal, cleaning your room and even down to separating and disposing trash properly. 4. How is the company's corporate philosophy put into action? Monaco Suites puts it into action through detail. Not just through their spacious units sprawling out across well-maintained landscaped tropical gardens but also through the detail each employee gives for their work. From housekeeping having freshly ironed bed sheets to the bellman that makes sure the cherries for the welcome drinks are fresh. 5. How do they communicate their corporate values to their employees and ensure that it is followed? Every Monday of the week there is a departmental head gathering which is also known as the manager’s meeting, where they discuss problems or issues within their departments. The General Manager presents strategies, improvement, suggestions and sets deadlines for those changes to ensure maximum efficiency. Then he goes by department to check up on if the goal of last week was accomplished; therefore ensuring that all of their corporate values are in sync with one another.  

Organizational Structure
-Organizational Flow-Chart, Job description of top level management Example: Hotel - Executive Chef, General Manager, Service Manager, Front Office, Housekeeping etc.  
* Guide Questions
1. Why is the organization structure designed that way? What type of organizational chart is it? It is a divisional structure, which is a type of organizational configuration that groups together those employees who are responsible for a particular product type or market service...
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