Human and Plant Circulatory System

Topics: Blood, Heart, Circulatory system Pages: 2 (510 words) Published: November 23, 2012
The human circulatory system includes the heart, blood vessels, and the blood. The circulatory system in humans is also known as the cardiovascular system. The main parts of the plant circulatory system are xylem and phloem. Humans and plants rely on their circulatory system a great deal. Plants and humans rely on their circulatory system to supply the body or plant with nutrients, humans to transport oxygen throughout the body, and plants to carry carbon dioxide throughout the body. The circulatory system in both humans and plants also help the body eliminate waste from the body of plants and humans. The xylems in plants are vessels, starting with the root of the plant where water and minerals are absorbed and efficiently carry the water throughout the body of the plant. The xylem also provides support to the plant. Nutrients or sugars produced through photosynthesis need to be sent to every cell in the plant, phloem makes this possible. Phloem lives as long as the plant while xylems function for one year. The xylems of a plant can be seen when a tree is cut the rings of the xylem can be seen also telling the age of the tree, each ring represents one year. The heart in humans pumps the nutrient rich blood throughout the human circulatory system via blood vessels. The blood vessels pump the blood throughout the body allowing oxygen, nutrients, and hormones to be picked up in the lungs, intestines, and endocrine system. The various blood vessels in the human body then make a delivery to each cell in the body. The blood vessels then head back to the heart, on the way back carbon dioxide and waste is picked up to be exerted. Plant and animal circulatory systems are high functioning. Plants rely on gravity and water surface tension to transport nutrients throughout the body of the plant, humans need a pumping heart to continuously pump blood throughout the body. Plants and humans both have tube shaped vessels to carry the nutrients, water, blood throughout the...
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