Human and Ideology

Topics: Human, Natural environment, Race and Ethnicity Pages: 2 (762 words) Published: February 26, 2012
Ideology is a “set of beliefs” based on the environment. In the movie, Wall-E, there is an idea given to the audience of the future polluted world where robots have to stay on Earth and clean up the mess. Whereas, on the other hand, the people get to live in space in a better environment. This shows a very selfish ideology from the people towards the robot, Wall-E and others who stayed on earth since the people left Wall-E alone (the people left their responsibility to Wall-E) in a messy world that they produced. This an ideology that can be shown in the movie, Wall-E. The people in the movie shows no individuality since they all wear the same clothing which make them seem like a robot more than a human. When the movie plays near the end, they're starting to become like an individual human being as they gradually discover romance. This shows that individuality is the key of living. This is another ideology that can be presented in Wall-E.

Another animed film with a simple ideology would be Cars (what the other class is doing). This ideology in this film about the environment tells us that it is a car racing genre... also the whole place only contains roads for the cars, and no humans are shown in this film. This film is mainly about cars racing against each other, trying to encourage people to believe that racing is very very fun. This film can have a huge impact on younger audiences, they might really believe that driving cars are fun, and might become a racer in the future. This could be a reason why children want to be racers in the future.

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The statement ‘The ideologies encoded within animated films are extremely simple’ applies to some animations, and not to others. For example, in WALL-E the issue of the environment is raised through the destroyed/ruined city in the film. This puts forward the message that if humans continue to carry what they are doing right now in regards to littering/pollution, the planet will be destroyed....
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