Human and Helpful Dust

Topics: Human, Meaning of life, Personal life Pages: 3 (872 words) Published: February 5, 2013
(Indian Literature)

I ask for a moment’s indulgence to sit by thy side.
The works that I have in hand I will finish afterwards.
Away from the sight of thy face my heart.
Knows no rest or respite, and my works becomes
An endless toil in a shoreless sea of toil.
Today the summer has come at my window.
With its sights and murmurs; and the bees are
Plying their minstrelsy at the court of the flowering grove. Now it’s time to sit quiet, face to face with thee,
And to sing dedication of life in this
Silent and overflowing leisure.
The child who is decked with the prince’ robes
And who was jeweled chain around his neck
Loses all pleasure in his play; his dress
Hampers him at every step.
In fear that it may frayed, or stained
With dust he keeps himself from the world,
And is afraid to even move.
Mother, it is no gain, thy bondage of finery,
If it keeps one shut off from the healthful dust
Of the earth, if it robs one of the right of entrance
To the great fair of human life.

A. Vocabulary Building. Use the following words in a sentence. 1. Respite – a short interval of rest or relief
Answer: God’s love to us has no respite, it’s never ending.

2. Ply – to join together, as by molding or twisting
Answer: I saw some workers plying the busy canals of the city.

3. Minstrel – a performer in a comic variety show
Answer: It was not long until the dogs uncovered the minstrel on the banks of the tyne and tore him to pieces.

4. Hampers – to prevent the free movement, action or progress of Answer: His pessimism is what hampers him to capture success.

5. Fray- to stain, chafe, or strain
Answer: That promise is looking much frayed around the edges.

B. Discussion
1. When a person is exposed to the free leisure of life, like being exposed to the healthful dust of the earth, does it make him a better person? Answer:
Yes, it does. Allowing a person to be exposed to the healthful dust of...
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