Human and Fromm

Topics: Human, Agriculture, Humans Pages: 2 (732 words) Published: April 23, 2012
1) I believe that it is true that many depressed individuals have a compelling desire to buy something or to eat something. I believe that by doing so we are trying to fill a “void” within ourselves. So much so, that Fromm states it is a “powerful drive”. He is saying that man has “commodity hunger”. When we constantly need new things, we're looking for something outside of ourselves to provide us with satisfaction. 2) There are many people who live to buy--they always want to find the newest gadgets, games, or fashions. Pondering how we strive to be able to “save time” (i.e. fast food, internet, texting) the question does appear to me, what do we do with all this saved time? Our lives are our lives, and it's important that we develop who we are, not what we have. Possessions are a very positive part of life--there are many things that I have that I love to have--but if we ever let them control us, then they've become an obstacle to our happiness. “It is the preoccupation with possession, more than anything else, that prevents people from living freely and nobly”. - Bertrand Russell 3) The reality in economy and society, to overcome our suffering in other words: to eliminate the causes for our suffering. And that exactly has not taken place. Nothing at all has been changed in economy or society, at the most some symptoms have changed. On the whole, everything has become worse. 4) As Fromm calmly yet scarily says, “Human history began with an act of disobedience, and it is not unlikely that it will be, terminated by an act of obedience.” The disobedience Fromm is speaking of is universal in its mythological roots. He describes how Adam and Eve of Hebrew mythology achieved their own identities by disobeying God. Instead of living in “harmony with nature” they defied it and became free. We learn that when we obey orders we are good, and righteous, and will be rewarded. If we disobey, we are wrong, on the side of the Devil, and we are punished. This...
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