Human and Disturbed Young Member

Topics: Human, Thought, Time Pages: 3 (996 words) Published: February 26, 2013
I do so loathe writing essays, especially a descriptive one, but for the grade I’ll just have do it. The topic I chose to write about as you read in the title is myself. To describe how I am and the way I am should prove an easy task. To explain why I am this way is a different story. Furious, despondent and hopeless I have felt, and have endured feelings similar for a rather long period of time. In the end, like it or not this essay will be completed.

For starters, emotionally I am not considered a very cheery or content individual. My mood for half of an average day is cantankerous, or rather irritable. The other half is I would say filled with cheerless and heartbreaking misery. On the rare days that I am in high spirits, habitually my short ill temper will devastate my day along with anyone else’s if I am amongst others. I don’t seem to make nor keep friends very well due to my offensive attitude. I am moderately unpleasant to be around and somewhat unkind to those around me. One must realize that to be friends with me is reasonably difficult chore.

Next, following my emotions is my state of mind. I regret to announce that the stability of my mentality is delicate and unreliable. Not to indicate that I am mentally ailing or handicapped nevertheless I do not speak of my brain literally for that is a stronger and different matter. I as a person am fragile and feeble although my façade shows to the contrary. Pushed too hard and reluctantly I will not last for too long. I lack determination and willpower when it comes to my mind and aiding in its recuperation. I’d rather lock it all up inside and bury it deep down never to resurface again until it just detonates. Through my neglect, I have fractured my mind and made myself a very disturbed young member of society. Apart from all the consolers and therapists, my family tries to show their love and support. Though it doesn’t help much, I just put on a smile and present them with what they want to see....
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