Human Anatomy Exam Notes

Topics: Human anatomy, Thorax, Anatomical terms of location Pages: 2 (267 words) Published: May 16, 2013
Anatomical Directional Terms:
• Anterior: ‘towards the front’
• Posterior: ‘towards the back’
• Superior: ‘above’
• Inferior: ‘below’
• Lateral: ‘ towards or on the side of the body’
• Medial: ‘towards the midline of the body’
• Proximal: ‘closer to the main mass of the body’
• Distal: further from the main mass of the body’
Regions of the body:
• The Axial Portion: the head, neck, trunk, thorax, abdomen, the pelvis, the perineum • The appendicular portion: The superior extremity, the inferior extremity Terms for body regions and Surface Anatomy

Antebrachial: Forearm
Axillary: Armpit
Brachial: Upper Arm
Sural: Calf, Lower Leg
Cervical: Neck
Gluteal: Buttocks
Inguinal: Groin, root of thigh between lower extremity and abdomen Lumbar: Lower back, between ribs and pelvis
Thoracic/ pectoral: chest
Sternum: The breastbone
Plantar: Sole of the foot
Femoral: Thigh, upper leg
Orbital: Eye area
Buccal/Oral: Mouth Area
Umbilical: Around the umbilicus or navel
Occipital: Back of the head
Costal: Rib
Deltoid: Upper shoulder
Scapular: Around the area of the scapular on the back
Flank: Lateral Margin of the trunk
Abdominal: Anterior Torso below the diaphragm
Palmar: palm of the hand
Pubic: External genital area

Bones and Muscles Exam Question Hints.
• May be asked for an example of each of these joints. Most likely Saddle Joint. • May be asked for an example of each of these joints. Most likely Saddle Joint. Eg: Is the elbow proximal or distal to the shoulder? >> it is proximal • Might be one of these muscles and pick out their classification. • Need to know the types of contractions: isometric, isotonic (concentric, eccentric) and relevant examples for such.

• Need to know myosin and actin filaments,
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