Human Anatomy

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Human Anatomy
The word anatomy is derived from greek word ”anatome” which means cutting up. However anatomy does not strictly mean cutting up. Human anatomy is the science which deals with the structure of the human body and for the purpose of studying the structure, cutting up a body is necessary. Under the scope of anatomy one studies the theatre in which action is taking place. In other words one can say that anatomy is to physiology as geography is to history. Subdivisions of human anatomy:

In the past times anatomy was studied mainly by dissection because of the unavailability of enough development but as the development in the field of medicine and surgery took place the scope of anatomy increased and vast number of new methods were developed to accomplish the requirements of studying human anatomy The main subdivisions of human anatomy are given below

Cadaveric anatomy: Cadaveric anatomy is the anatomical study done on dead bodies usually with the help of naked eye. Other names used for cadaveric anatomy are Macroscopic anatomy and Gross anatomy. The cadaveric anatomy is further subdivided into; Systemic anatomy: Here the body is studied on the basis of different systems such as; Skeletal system = osteology

Muscular system = myology
Articulatory system = arthrology
Vascular system = angiology etc.
Regional anatomy: Here the body is studied on the basis of different regions such as; Anatomy of upper limb, anatomy of abdomen, anatomy of head & neck etc. Living anatomy: Living anatomy is studied on living bodies by inspection, palpation, endoscopy, radiography, electromyography etc. Embryology: Embryology is also known as developmental anatomy. It is the study of prenatal and postnatal developmental changes in an individual. Histology: Histology is also called microscopic anatomy. It is the microscopic study of different structures of human body Surface anatomy:...
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