Hum111 Week 8

Topics: Han Dynasty, China, Song Dynasty Pages: 4 (1486 words) Published: April 27, 2013
The Ancient Chinese culture was a very successful culture that created many inventions and contributed to the advancement of not only the Chinese civilization but also to the civilization of the world. In the history of the world there has been many important inventions, Ancient Chinese were great inventors. This essay will point out some of the great inventions that Chinese culture introduced to the world. The impact that these inventions have made in our day to day lives and how without these inventions the world would have not enhanced and progress the way it has. These are eight inventions that Chinese has contributed to the world and their usefulness. ) Identify eight to ten of these useful inventions or contributions. . The top ten inventions and contributions and inventions by the Ancient Chinese included: the wheelbarrow, seismograph, paper, compass, gun powder, map, glazed pottery, hot air balloons, and silk. The ten most useful contributions that the ancient Chinese made in our contemporary society were: paper money, kites, iron and bronze, gunpowder, printing press, umbrellas, clocks, compasses, porcelain, and alcohol (Yinke, 2009). (2) Nominate four that you believe are the most ingenious or innovative. However, out of those ten, the four most significant innovations are paper money, gunpowder, printing press, and clocks. (3) Explain why you believe these four inventions or contributions are the most useful inventions or contributions from the ancient Chinese. Paper is one of the utmost inventions of the Chinese culture. This invention has been trace to the Chinese culture around AD 105, when Cai Lun, an official attached to the Imperial court during the Han Dynasty, created as sheet of paper using mulberry and other bast fibres along with fishnet, old rags and hemp waste.
One of the few destructive inventions of ancient Chinese civilization was that of gunpowder. The discovery of gunpowder led to the invention of firearms and...
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