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Topics: Philippines, University of Santo Tomas, Manila Pages: 2 (668 words) Published: February 24, 2013
Ralph Carlo T. Evidente W-4R
Title: The Construction of University of Santo Tomas The diorama figurines, which are three-dimensional structures, were made of baticulin wood and handcarved in Paete, Laguna. The construction of each diorama, having an average depth of 2 ½ feet, would take from eight months to almost two years to complete depending on its structural complexity; moreover, they were assembled with the use of paintings of the figurines and backdrops, constructing building facades, houses, or room interiors, landscaping, lightning, and carving of “props”, such as pottery, furnitures, and weapons. This sculpture is apparently defined by imaginary curved lines to add sensuousness and precision. Even a slightest variation in the nature of the curve affects the figure. In terms of shape, complex geometric shapes are very prominent in this diorama. Also, they use organic shapes, such as trees and soil. The form is obviously a three-dimensional structure, having width, depth, and height. In terms of value, we can see dark colors that depict lack of light, and it conveys a sense of mystery. As you see the diorama, there are some dark shades like black and gray in the upper portion of the figure, indicating the weather and atmosphere during the construction of UST. Moreover, in its symbolical interpretation, it indicates a serious and melancholic mood. Since we are not allowed to touch the diorama, I will describe the texture of this figure visually. As we all know, it is made of baticulin wood, indicating its roughness. The space here is negative. It is something empty. The balance here is asymmetrical, since there are dull shades on the upper portion and bright colors in the middle, and there are geometric shapes and dominated organic shapes. The color of the figure determines the harmony of the diorama. The atmosphere here is something a dull grey, making the day uninteresting and lifeless. Lastly, in terms of...
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