Hum 176 Week 7 Assignment

Topics: Sky News, BBC World News, News Pages: 2 (913 words) Published: February 28, 2012
Immediately upon going to, they talked about breaking news of Egypt. On all three sites, I found links to other information about how the President in Egypt was preparing to step down. There are also links to click to view videos of how bad the situation really is. tells you things such as how the military rulers dissolve parliament and put constitution on hold in moves cautiously welcomed by protestors. I found it interesting how shows photos and videos about how the Egyptian military dissolves parliament. The site also gives sponsor links to find other information about the breaking news. Currently, says, Military rulers take sweeping action to dismantle Mubarak's autocratic legacy as they dissolve parliament, suspend constitution and promise elections in moves cautiously welcomed by protesters. You can also recommend the story to people on Face book with a link. People on Facebook might be inclined to view the link, since you viewed it and shared it with them on Face book. This increases CNN's publicity, and more people will view the top stories as a result. has an article about how Egypt puts Midwest peace efforts on hold. CNN has information about the revolt in Egypt and how the people are waiting to see what the President has to say. Upon going to, I found the article immediately it had bolded letters that said Egyptian Military Dissolves Parliament. This caught my attention and guided me to click on that headline so I could see additional information. When you click the link, you see a picture of an anti protestor shouting during a demonstration against the evacuation in Cairo. The bottom of the website gives you ways you can tell people about the story. You can choose to email the story to someone, share it on Face book, or share it on Twitter. You can also print the story. These are the key ways people can spread the story to others, so that they will know how severe this situation...
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