Hum 176 Week 4 Assignment

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  • Published : September 14, 2012
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Week 4 Assignment
Social Media Paper

There are three different social media networks that I have used ,still use, and one that I have not used myself. MySpace is one of the ones that really got social media networking to where it is now. I used to use MySpace to talk to friends, share pictures, listen to music, and share my blogs. These were the main functions that I used MySpace for. MySpace was one of the first big steps that lead other social media networking where it is. Being able to interact with your friends and family in a virtual world is a big success to being able to so be many places at once. Facebook is another social media networking tool that took the world by surprise and has also took over MySpace users. With Facebook you are able to share photos, express what is on your mind with your friends and family, write messages between you and others, and stay connected with people all over the world. Facebook came and conquered most of, if not all, social media networking web sites. The main thing that separated Facebook from any other social media web site is that it was made for college students. Little by little it became so popular that everyone wanted to be a part of this network. Businesses really took advantage of the social networking site for advertising. With so many advertising competitors on the network, it is hard for users not to take advantage of the products advertised. Businesses even have commercials that tell to “like” them on Facebook to ensure the attention of the social media users. The latest installment to the social media networking web sites that I have not used is Twitter. Twitter is different in its own way for various reasons. Twitter allows people to, share their posts or “tweets” with all of their friends at once or certain people that want to see your posts. Everything that you can do in the other two social networking sites is done completely different in the Twitter world. When you add friends they are either...
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