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Effects of Mass Media Worksheet

Write brief 250-to 300-word answers to each of the following:

|Questions |Answers | |What were the major developments in the |The twentieth century was fruitful for many major developments in communication and media | |evolution of mass media during the 20th |capabilities. The platen printing press was developed in the late 1930s which was able to| |century? |produce over 2500 impressions per hour. This enabled much faster printing of newspapers | | |which dramatically changed print media reporting of the news as copy could be delivered | | |later to the printing press allowing late-breaking stories to be reported in the early | | |morning editions. Commercial radio transmissions became popular in the 1920s and provided| | |a low-cost means for audiences to retrieve news and entertainment in the comfort of their | | |own homes. Television first became commercially available in the late 1920s but did not | | |reach mass popularity until the late 1940s due to the cost for individual consumers and | | |delays in manufacture caused by World War 2. Cable and satellite television network | | |fundamentally transformed how consumers receive their broadcasts which dramatically | | |impacted advertisements. Several networks rose to national prominence and effectively | | |eliminated small, local broadcast stations. This enabled these networks to...
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